What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Link Light Rail – you done me wrong! My 6th day into summer vacation, I decided to give you a whirl. You started out great – zipping along at lightning-fast speeds (50mph, perhaps?) … gliding down the rails through havens of Bahn Mi and Pho restaurants … continuing through neighborhoods filled with sprinkler-wet kids.

Then we saw the city. My eyes widened as I imagined the seemless transition into downtown for the lunchtime outdoor concert. At this rate, I might even be early! And then, you stopped. Muffled mutterings told seatmates and me to exit the train. I stood on the platform wondering what to do … where to go. Your minions offered nothing. No sign to a quick and easy bus. No offers of help. I wandered.
Suddenly news crews foisted their mics into my face asking how I felt about the “ordeal”. ‘ORDEAL?!’ Was something going on you didn’t tell me about when I entered the train? I gave the desperate reporter a quip to hang on to, then followed the lemming-like masses to the first available bus which within a half block came to a screeching halt.
And we sat. Again. No information, again. I asked to be let off (along with others) and wandered back like a refugee to where I’d began, then began my walk into the city.
Sound Transit? Why? Why couldn’t you have communicated with me? Why’d you make my inaugural trip so bleak?

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