Gotta Love the ACT!

I always think I can’t eak enough time from my schedule, or that I’ll fall asleep – so I procrastinate when commiting to live theatre. I’m an early-to-bed girl, which doesn’t always equate to a perfect late-night theatre evening. I waffle on RSVP’s – imagining myself nodding mid-act and being nudged by seat mates. But eventually, it’s the content draws me in.

ACT Theatre knows how to hold my interest. From politically-heavy theatre, to light-hearted penis-bending, ACT has risen to the top when it comes to live entertainment. I’ve split my sides with uproarious laughter at Menopause the Musical. I’ve gone from first-curtain cringing with Puppetry of the Penis, to all-out amazement (it really DID look like the Valhalla!). ACT seems to have the magic pill when it comes to finding content that speaks to me.

Das Barbecu is yet another example of ACT’s ability to bring a well-rounded offering to Seattle. While opera-lovers clamour for Ring tickets and snooze through what must seem like never-ending days (and nights) through Wagner’s Ring cycle, I sat with delighted crowds – literally hooting and hollering at gods in 10-gallon hats. Wagnerian messages still rang through as these big-haired (and vocally blessed) actresses and actors brought me through the story.

Bravo, ACT. I’ll be back again (soon)!

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