Northwest Mancation

The thought occurred to me this morning: in a world of StayCations and Vacations-In-Your-Own-Backyard, why not something more specifically catering to a more manly crowd? A Northwest MANcation, if you will. I imagine this as more than just a swilling of beer and beating of chests, but the opportunity to men to be men. You know – the whole high-fiving, hairy-chested, stuff that men live for: strapping on a nylon harness and rapelling down the climbing wall at REI; donning skirt and oars and paddling Puget Sound; hooting and hollering from pub to bar – Pioneer Square to Belltown. Seattle was basically created as a playground for men! (Picture Henry Yesler and William Bell high-fiving as they caught their first King salmon – barehanded!)

I see differing views now that I say “MANcation” out loud: high-fiving, beer-drinking, chest-beating golfers spendin the day one-upping and butt-slapping … as well as a softer, ‘new-manly’ side: The MANcation of back and chest-waxing … of spa treatments and gossip. Men arguing over the merits of Tazo versus Chai … talks of Baccu Bucci’s vs. Armani … discussions about eyebrow arches and skin conditioner. Laugh if you will, but these are mancations I’ve actually seen and heard: calls being taken at our visitor center with curious can-we’s? Of course – any vacation possible here – mancation included!

What if we could incorporate jousting into a MANcation? Perhaps pit the Chai-sippers against the ale-swillers! Put ’em out in the middle of Puget Sound in rowboats and have ’em have at each other. I suspect it’d draw more attendees than a Mariner’s game!
Okay guys, Wolf down the 24 oz Porterhouse at the Metropolitan Grill (you’ll be in good company). Dine on the potato-wrapped halibut at Etta’s or try the lavender cosmo at Palomino. Really – it’s more than a man who can swagger into Vessel’s pre live-theatre crowd and order that raspberry lemondrop! Be it chest-thumping or Brazilian-waxing, Seattle is the perfect place to start your Mancation!
(Blogger’s note to self: Consider FANcations — the post-menopausal woman’s perfect escape.)

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