I think I’m in love with Twitter. Not I-want-to-marry-you love, but the I’ve-found-Twitter-to-fit-into-my-life-with-near-perfection love. I like sharing tidbits and anecdotes with a crowd (which is odd since I also consider myself to be an extroverted introvert). Twitter brings a sprinkling of life to my computer. I find myself looking forward to making, and reading, my first Tweet of each day. As my coffee perks and I ready for my day, somewhere deep within my synapses I find myself looking for a little gem; something I’ll later share with a pleasant posse of Twitter followers.

Interaction with others is a magic elixir for me. I’ve said before, and mean when I say, that I may have the best job in Seattle. Not because of fun perks and adventurous fact-seeking missions, but because of my daily interactions with the world. A call from Seattle-focused Bostonians seeking information on our city brings giddiness as I pare down precise interests and desires. A foodie? I’m delighted to share a few of my favorite gems in and around this city. An outdoorsman? I know they’ll think of my story of misty-hiking as they climb the butt-busting trail to Comet Falls. The punky looking 20-something neighbors from the bay area taking their $39-Virgin-Air-to-Seattle mancation? They came asking where the closest Sprint store was located – they left after 15-minutes with a pocket-full-of-Ann. They’re ready to see the city with the sage-like hints I’d passed on. I once thought it was a love of power that made me enjoy these interactions, but I’ve come to learn that it’s not that at all; it’s an intrinsic need to share what I know with others to enhance their experience. It’s an insatiable desire to help.

This is why I love Twitter. At any moment I can find answer-seekers within my realm. I can share wisdom, experiences and Twitter smiles. I can make a day a little better, or make a week downright perfect for someone else. If that’s not Twitterpation, I don’t know what is.

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