Oh, for the Love of Frozen Custard!

I should have seen it coming – the Frozen Custard magnet’s pulled me in! Sure, I’d stopped off on a hot summer day at Old School Frozen Custard’s newly-opened shop last summer. Yup – it was creamy and delicious. Surprised? Naw – I knew going in on a hot day that it’d be just the elixer after a long day at Madison Beach. Occasionally over the months it’s now been I’ve had fleeting thought of chocolatey-goodness from their frozen trove, but I’d overcome these little cravings with a busy life and a lack geographical convenience.

But then, they Tweeted: “Orange Creamsicle is our FOD today and tonight! http://bit.ly/bGFm9F”. It was in my head. Their orange creamsicle tweet sat in some sweet spot in my brain the entire day. I knew it wouldn’t be ‘on the way’ to anything in my day’s range of motion, yet I knew I’d find a way.

Perhaps it was knowing I’d be walking through their doorway by day’s end that made me a little more motivated to walk – a little more chipper when toiling in the yard. There was a little spring in my step all day knowing I’d find a way.

And so I sit this morning – pint-container in hand, licking out the last tiny bits of orange creamsicly-goodness – reflecting back on a day full of motivation …. and full of frozen custard!

Oh the creamy goodness. Reflecting back, I wonder why I ever enjoyed ice cream and/or gelato. Is this how drug addicts feel when they go from gateway drugs to the hard stuff? Can you never look back once you’ve tried it? Color me addicted.

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