Speed Blogging

I wish I had the time (and initiative) to write a blog post for every photo I’ve taken. As I download new – and pour through old – I realize that there’s a story to be told behind each photograph I’ve taken. Lest I lose the stories, I’ve spontaneously chosen ten random favorites from the last month to tell tiny stories about:

Caviar PieCaviar pie may actually be one of my favorite things. I order it approximately 25% of the time I’m at Steelhead Diner, but I think of it 100% of the time. It wasn’t until this summer when I actually decided I could just eat a slice of it for lunch – and that I didn’t have to share it as an appetizer with anyone! Yesterday, a guest stopped for directions to Steelhead Diner. He was heading down to have a “slice of caviar pizza”. And now it’s on my mind again …

StoryvilleStoryville Coffee just might have Seattle’s perfect cup of coffee. Their location can’t be beat – it’s in the old Chez Shea spot where my husband proposed to me. Their staff is top notch – whether they’repaid to be, or they just love working there, they’re stellar! Their coffee is delicious – roasted on Bainbridge Island must make the difference!

An exceptional Seattle evening.

I attended the Taste of Check Please! event at the Space Needle last month. With chefs from around the area, my tastebuds were dazzled with absolutely the best of what these Northwest chefs had to offer. But the surprise delight of the evening? One of the summer’s most spectacular sunsets!

Old School Pinups

If someone would have told me I’d spend 6 hours on a rainy Sunday tucked away upstairs in the Pike Place Market modeling for pinup photographs, I’d think they were crazy. But I did … and I loved it! If you enjoy a spa day? You’d be over the moon with Old School Pinups! Professional, fun, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ooooh-la-la!

Chicago!I have a total crush on Chicago! You know I’m a Seattle girl, right? Well I could write a novel on how much I loved my visit to Chicago and how I’m secretly planning how to get back soon. Full of delicious restaurants, gorgeous views, friendly people, history and this magnificent park in the middle of the city!


Chef Peter Birk’s lamb knocks my socks off! I attend a Fall preview at BOKA restaurant a few weeks back for a taste of what’s to come on their menu. Their duck was fantastic, their bartender is a genius, but chef Peter’s lamb is out-of-this world!

CopperworksJason and Micah at Copperworks Distilling have something special happening on Seattle’s waterfront. They shipped beautiful (and enormous) hand-hammered stills to Seattle from Scotland! Need I say more? They’re gin geniuses.

PiggiesI’m in love with Ron Zimmerman’s pigs. As good as the food at Herbfarm is the fun to be had just listening to sweet porcine grunting and snorting from Basil and/or Borage!

Dungeness PotNever under estimate the power crab dip. This delicious “Dungeness Crab Pot” at Seattle’s Taphouse Grill makes for the perfect Fall lunch! Crusty, buttered bread dipped in cheesy crab goodness. Need I say more?


I’m not a popcorn fan, but I was told if I was in Chicago, that I had to go to Garrett Popcorn. Meh. I didn’t give it a second thought until I was in the backseat of my friend’s car with a bag of Garrett’s on a mini roadtrip to Fort Wayne, IN. I would’ve been happy to have stayed there forever – just me and that popcorn. Something about the mix of perfectly-carmelized and salty-cheeziness just doesn’t make sense. Until you eat it. I’m a changed woman.

This concludes my “speed blogging”. I’ll do my best to show some real focus next time!