A Sandwich. A Potato Waffle. BLISS!

It started out simple and innocent. A fun posting from Thrillist (recipe here) about a Tator Tot Waffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich caught my eye. Yup – you heard me right. And since I had Tator Tots. And cheese. And bacon. And jalapenos. Well, it just seemed like a quick and easy dinner-for-one after a day with no breakfast or lunch. But once I started? I couldn’t just stop there. I layered the tots in my waffle iron just-so — perfectly positioned to make a crispy layer of delicious tottiness. And then another. But as I started laying my strips of bacon, cheddar cheese and jalapenos over it, the concoction just didn’t seem finished. It beckoned for more!

Tater WafflesWhat goes best with waffles? Chicken, of course – so I layered a heap of cut up bad-boy strips of crispy, southern-fried chicken tenders atop the bed of spicy bacon cheesiness.

Tator ToppingsThen I started thinking about the jalapenos. They appeared so naked and vulnerable all by themselves. They had the cheese, but otherwise were succumbing to the obvious pressure of the waffley-tots and chicken that they almost appeared to lose their spicy-ness before my very eyes. That’s when it struck me! Toss the second layer of crisp tottiness on top, and garnish with a half avocado. But then the avocado just seemed to lonely all by itself, and didn’t seem complete until married with a dollop of sour cream.



Forgive me.

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