Who Is That Masked Bagel?

Know what I love? Learning about new things every day. Yesterday I learned from a New Yorker that bagels have a bastard stepchild that nobody’s every heard of and that are delicious! Know what else I love? They’re not boiled in water! This means (theoretically, of course) that we could easily assimilate them in Seattle without needing the same NYC-water pipeline that’d be a prerequisite to have awesome bagels here. Behold the bialy:

Behold the bialy!Now that I’ve got your interest, I’d like to tell you more about my tasty new friends.  These doughy, chewy, yeasty treats are definitely related to bagels. They’re substantial – you’ll find no flaking, biscuit-y features about ’em. And while in their most traditional moments they’re piled-high with onions and capers and more onions (and lots of other things that harken back to their Polish roots in Bialystok, it seems to me that the indentation in their middle’s (read: NO HOLES here, folks!) would be the perfect spot to cradle the creamiest of cream cheese and lox. Or house-smoked salmon. Or Skillet‘s amazing bacon jam. Or maybe even chevre and fig spread! Instead, I took the advice of my favorite New Yorker and simply cut and toasted these heaven-sent bialies and enjoyed the simple, crispy warm pleasure of it all.

And now? I’m obsess over these new-found gems. And while you know I’ll make and remake bialy recipes from the innerwebs, for now I’ll just leave you wondering when you’ll find them somewhere near you. Dying to try them? H&H Midtown Bagels in Yorktown’ll would be delighted to next-day them to you!

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