Treefection: Swanson’s Pick the Perfect Tree!

TreeJust last month, I sat in my new Issaquah home wondering how I’d ever fill my 17-foot ceilings with the type of tree these soaring ceilings warranted. Just weeks later, an email arrived – reminding me that Swanson’s is again offering their Pick the Perfect Tree service. What’s this mean to the Clark Griswold-wannabe? A service that will literally leave you looking like a Christmas tree expert! A tweet or Facebook post (or I suspect a call will suffice), with a few specifics of what you’re desiring leads to you driving up to find your perfect tree! Not a big social media fan? Their under-cover tree area leaves keep you dry and gives as much time as you need to peruse their offerings. Unlike most lots, Swanson’s forest of conifers is suspended from the rafters so that you can kick the tires and give each a prospective whirl while making the decision. Better yet? Their team of awesome elves help with the selection process: offering sage advice, giving the base a fresh cut, strapping it to your car, and (in my case) pounding the handy Davis Tree stand into it’s base.

Beautiful ornaments are available in Swanson’s gift shop.
A black-capped chickadee adorns the new tree.
Bartlett’s exhausted from the tree-trimming process!

Even better? Swanson’s trees arrive multiple times a week – so you know they’re fresh! Since 1949, the Burton family (responsible for supplying Swanson’s trees and with a forest of trees near Mossyrock, Washington) plants over 50,000 trees annually to keep the nursery (and other suppliers) well-stocked for the holiday season. Choices include stunning Burton Blue, Nordmann Fir, Silver Fir (brand new, but native to the Pacific NW), Frasier and classic Noble Firs (my tree-of-choice). What do I love? These aren’t your traditional sheared-to-perfection trees. They’re gorgeous trees with personality! My request was for an alpine tree: one with lots of space between the branches for ornaments. Rest assured, they’ll help you find the right tree for your cozy abode, too.

This skinny alpine Noble fir is perfect for my soaring ceilings!

A stunning 11′ Noble Fir now adorns my living room – ready for eggnog-toasts, present-openings and holiday cheer – undoubtedly one directed specifically to Swanson’s for their genius Pick-Your-Perfect-Tree program!


Reindeer and a camel? They’re sociable, photogenic and perfect for the season!


As an added bonus? Be sure to wander the nursery and find live reindeer and a camel! If this doesn’t get you in the holiday mood? Nothing will!


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