2015’s Tastiest Bites

As January turns to February and February to March, I reflect back on delicious meals, sips and bites year after year. This year? No different – thus I bring you an unnumbered list of those bites that truly stood out:

Andaluca’s Lemon Curd Trifle

While generally not a ‘sweet tooth’, I rarely turn down anything lemony. Disappointment comes frequently, as apparently the other half of the world likes a sweet-lemon flavor, while I prefer tart. Enter Andaluca’s Lemon Curd Trifle with pistachio dacquoise, lemon mousse and strawberry. Every bit of this dessert was impressive with a wonderfully acid, perfectly puckering finish.


Duck-Fat Gravy Poutine
Black Duck’s Duck-Fat Gravy Poutine

Start with a local hangout. Add a huge dose of community and duck fat and you have Issaquah’s Black Duck Cask and Bottle. The icing on this cake? Poutine made with … wait for it … duckfat gravy. Toss on a fabulously-fried egg and it’s a dish that’ll be forever on your mind.


Lamb Sliders
Juicy Lamb Sliders from Cafe Campagne

Tucked in the heart of Pike Place Market’s Post Alley, Cafe Campagne brings a little French culinary hustle to a market filled with bustle. Add to that the trifecta of happy hour goodness – their trio of lamb sliders, and you’ll be watching the clock for their 4pm happy hour opening daily! Juicy Anderson Ranch lamb balances lovingly on light, cheesy gougères.  And if they’re off the menu? Try their pork and chicken liver pâté gougères instead!


DeLaurenti Super-Chip Cookies
De Laurenti’s Super-Chip Cookies


Cookies on a top-eats list? These aren’t just any cookies! As chocolate chip cookies go, there are simply never enough nuts. DeLaurenti’s breaks out at least a quarter-cup of hazelnuts in each of these dark chocolate chunk cookies. Get ’em at 11am when they’re fresh out of the oven (or grab two so you have one for tomorrow’s morning coffee). Butter, sugar, egg … likely a bit of crack in these, too. 😉


Matt's Deviled Eggs
Matt’s Deviled Eggs


A half-dozen deviled eggs for $11 is a delicious deal. Call it lunch, or happy hour, or – as Matt’s in the Market does – an appetizer. But for all that is tasty in this world, order these! These chef-inspired creations range from crab to pickled seaweed to truffles and roe and change frequently – so bring your open mind and be ready to be impressed.


Seatown's Lamb Pot Pie
Seatown’s Lamb Pot Pie


Quite possibly Seattle’s richest dish: Seatown Seabar‘s Lamb Pot Pie adds a little homey comfort to any Fall day. Hidden under a flaky crust is a trove of dreamy lamb, creamy lamb gravy and sumptuous mushrooms. I’ll bet you can’t eat more than half!


Gnocchi Bar’s Curry-Stuffed Gnocchi

Just yards away from Cal Anderson’s hunky soccer players sits Lisa Nakamura’s cozy Gnocchi Bar. These delicately curried carrot stuffed gnocchi (not always on the menu) swam gracefully in a sea of caramelized onion cream sauce and were festooned with a sprinkling of chevre. Tangy, sweet and graced with a trace of curry, I can’t wait ’til they’re back again!


Forever Pork Gnocchi from ORFEO

And speaking of gnocchi …

ORFEO‘s forever-roasted pork gnocchi bring enough flavors for a mardi gras parade! With hand-foraged mushrooms, springy gnocchi and a perfectly-cooked 6-minute egg. Looking forward to finding this on the menu again in 2016!


TrovePorkBellyPhad Thai
Trove’s Pork Belly Pad Thai


Just a few blocks east of downtown Seattle sits what may be the city’s best Pad Thai: Trove‘s pork-belly version marries spicy chipotle, pork belly, yu choy and chili peanuts with a refreshing sprinkling of cilantero.

Enjoyed a few favorites tasty bites of your own in 2015? Time to share!  Bon Appetit!

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