Asparagus Month at Junkichi

I might not have found Junkichi had it not been for Washington Asparagus Month. I stepped in their door to experience how a Japanese Robata Izakaya could integrate my favorite Spring vegetable into a Japanese menu, and walked away scanning my calendar for my next available date to return!

Crispy spicy tuna – on a base of fabulously-crispy rice.

Their concept is simple and delicious, fashioned around an authentic Japanese-style cuisine utilizing a charcoal grill. The concept originated with Japanese fishermen who shared a a communal fire for their meals aboard their vessels which wouldn’t harm their vessels, but would provide warm, camaraderie and sustenance. In the true essence of Robata, Junkichi finds the freshest ingredients to cook over their live fire coals nestled just off Capitol Hill’s busy Broadway Avenue.


Cold poached asparagus with sesame sauce
Asparagus robata skewers with red walnut miso paste.

March is asparagus month in Washington. What’s your go-to asparagus preparation?

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